C.O.M. Form

Please follow this checklist to ensure your order is placed and processed quickly.

Recommendations to Customer – Cut fabric to Gabby Standards. Gabby will use our best judgement in applying fabric to meet Gabby’s high Upholstery Standards. A Gabby upholstery expert will determine fabric placement based on overall look and comfort. This expert placement will create the best final product for the customer. Please consider this when placing a COM order.

Note: Leather, sheers and vinyl will not be accepted and silk and furs will only be accepted for Gabby pillows. Customer must add their own backing to COM if it is required. Excess C.O.M. yardage will only be returned upon request at the time of the order.


C.O.M. Yardage should be priced at a Grade B.


If you are sending in a pattern fabric that will be matched, use the form below to calculate waste and add the necessary amount of additional fabric. Always use the largest repeat dimension to determine the correct amount of additional yardage needed.

* Please see HERE for base yardages and add the necessary additional amount for matched patterns to the base yardage listed. For fabrics with repeats larger than those shown above please contact your customer service representative for assistance. At times due to unusual patterns or proportions int the fabric, more yardage may be needed. Gabriella White will not be responsible for additional fabric needed or excess fabrics that remain.


Each roll of fabric MUST BE LABELED with the following:

  • Account Name or Number
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Date
  • Frame or Cushion Number (fabric is being applied to)


Unless specific instructions are provided:

  • All stripes will run vertically.
  • All fabric will be applied using the face side of the fabric.
  • All fabric is applied by the factory at their discretion, unless specified otherwise on page 1 of the C.O.M. form, without liability for doing so.


All C.O.M. orders must be accompanied by a copy of this completed C.O.M. Form, or your order will not be acknowledged and your account charged a $100 processing fee.


C.O.M. fabric must be shipped, freight prepaid, to:
Gabby COM
1459 Robinwood Road
Newton, NC 28658