Reflections on Transitional Furniture Style

At Gabby, transitional furniture style has become a staple trend over the last few seasons. Some designers are after the updated classics while others look for a chameleon piece that can blend well in any environment. Here are some reflections from Gabby on transitional furniture style:

There are many sufficient definitions online, so we won’t elaborate on that. Below is a primer collection of ideas you may have not considered about transitional design.

Transitional Style

Transitional style mingles characteristics of both traditional and contemporary styles. But transitional design mainly revolves around hospitality, and just like this industry connotes, it evokes a sensibility for making guests comfortable. A derivative of universal design, comfort is, like the smiley face embodies everyone, not being too cold and modern or too staid and traditional. All will see themselves in a transitional space.

Eclectic Furniture, Transitional Vintage Style Furniture

Great transitional spaces are not bland or unambiguous in appearance, but are texturally rich and have cues that border individuality. A transitional-style space may also blend many trend definite pieces eclectically together creating a non-trend specific look. For instance, a designer may spotlight a traditional piece near a modern piece. Both pieces displayed in a contemporary space that synergistically looks less trend specific, and more a harmonious blend.

Transitional Style detail

Fabrics are not bold or glaring, but soft and textural, like linens. Here a specific nail head design pleasantly contrasts the soft rolled arm.

Transitional Style interior

Shiny metallics often are used to contrast lighter colors and soft natural fabrics.

Transitional Style romance

Dramatic silhouettes and tactile materials on appropriately scaled furniture look considered.

Transitional Style detail


Even wildly dramatic and decorative forms can be transitional when finished in a soft way.

Transitional Style vignette


Whether casual-comfortable-contemporary meets formal structure or traditional with a twist, transitional style design in an eclectic approach could be considered a form of nuevo-Americana. And like our melting pot of pleasantly mixed individuals all working together, the provocative contrast and balance that ultimately happens amidst the unique object de art enhances each pieces individuality and their togetherness. It’s beautiful.

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