Transitional Style: Tips from Kate Marker Interiors

Fresh linen fabrics baked in neutral colors paired with geometric lines, natural finishes, and touches of greenery embody the sleek and timeless style of the transitional space. Transitional style takes the timeless elegance of antique pieces and juxtaposes the look with contemporary elements that creates something eye catching and unique.

Gabby furniture fits perfectly into Transitional style by marrying the elements of classic design and fresh looks. Between the design elements of faux shagreen, eglomise, horn, and reclaimed wood, transitional style has never looked so good. While Gabby pieces clearly embody the transitional design, capturing the true essence of the style in a room can prove difficult.

We sat down with Kate Marker Interiors to discuss what they believe are the top tips for nailing the transition into Transitional style. Kate began designing in 2000 after graduating from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Her style embodies Transitional style by perfectly merging both modern and classic looks. See our conversation below to learn more.

When it comes to Transitional style, what do you believe are the key elements of the look?

A mix of classic and modern; some pieces of interest that give a history to a space, preferably vintage.

Kate Marker Interiors Design featuring Gabby Nicole Side Table

What are your tips on renovating a traditional space into a Transitional look?

  1. Re-upholster a traditional piece with a graphic print
  2. Add some modern lighting or accent table that has very clean lines
  3. Mix a few metal finishes to give the look of pieces being gathered over time, not at once when one metal finish is particularly trendy.
  4. Update rugs or walls with natural pieces such as a natural fiber rug layered with a vintage patterned rug, or install a wall-covering that may be a bit unexpected and a touch bold.

What are your go to Gabby pieces when creating a Transitional space?

Some of your tried-and-true pieces include:

The Bradley table: Perfect size, clean but interesting. Nice mix of materials.

Arnold Chandelier: Great price point and dimensions

King Counter Stools: Our followers and clients love these!  Easy to clean and great metal finishes, especially the gold

Fritz Mirror – great transitional piece to accent a space

Chests – we have several we love, mostly for their dimensions, unique finishes, and perfect amount of detail.  We have used the Marilyn, Rosalyn, and Pandora more than once.

When it comes to furniture finishes, are there any you believe capture the Transitional look?
We love a weathered oak, it blends so well with any sort of look.  Also love a gray-hued darker finish that is neutral but brings some contrast.

If you could update one thing in a Traditional space, what would it be and why?

Window treatments!  Draperies – a neutral with a cool leading edge or a muted pattern that adds dimension and texture.

Kate Marker Interiors Design featuring the King Counter Stool

Many Transitional rooms use plants and greenery to enhance the style, what types of plants do you tend to use to spruce up a space?
No surprise, we love fiddle leaf figs for their graceful profiles and perfect shade of green, succulents for their muted colors and low maintenance care, and seasonal fresh cuts. Specific favorites for fresh cuts are peonies,  hydrangeas, and ranunculus because they come in the prettiest hues and capture the essence of spring and summer’s scents and freshness for the times they are in bloom.

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