StyleMaker Jennifer Prock’s One Room Challenge (round two)

 Twice a year, designers bubble to the brim with butterflies, excitement and an eagerness to begin the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home with media partner House Beautiful. The event challenges 20 bloggers to completely renovate a room in their home over the span of six weeks. Along the way, they are to share their journey by posting real-life progress pictures, secret tips, and sources for their goods.

Our StyleMaker Jennifer Prock recently completed her second challenge. With her first challenge, Prock took on one of her guest bedrooms and left us in awe with a beautifully curated room topped with the perfect statement wallpaper. For her second round, Prock tackled her second guest bedroom. We sat down to ask a few questions about this experience.

With this being the second time you have completed the One Room Challenge, what did you find to be the most difficult part of the redesign? 

Besides the six week timeline (that’s always a huge challenge), I wanted to make sure I captured the volume of the ceiling in the room without the items below appearing dwarfed.

What is your favorite aspect of the One Room Challenge?

I truly enjoy taking a blank canvas and transforming it into a vision that I hope reflects the room’s personality.

What are some of the must-haves you believe every guest bedroom needs? 

The simple things, really. Flowers, easily accessible blankets and pillows, and most importantly, a welcoming feel.

How did you choose the Marilyn Chest and Clara Headboard for this guest room renovation? 

The nightstands were a new option and I knew I wanted to use them in this room based on their size and scope. Beyond their beauty, they provide excellent storage. Also, I wanted to keep the headboard as a clean, white backdrop and the lines here were perfect. 

With your last challenge, the wallpaper was one of your major inspiration pieces. What was the inspiration behind this guest room?

Because I went so bold last time, I wanted to keep the focus on a softer, calmer look and feel.

When it comes to creating a layout for a space, what are some of your tips & tricks for landing on the perfect one? 

I always focus on the scale of the room and pieces. I try to make sure that everything “fits.” Just because I fall in love with a certain piece does not mean it’s right for the space. I try to really think through the overall flow of the space and it’s a bonus when I can find pieces that I can potentially use in another room someday, like the nightstands. 

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