Style Maker Jennifer Prock’s One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge sponsored by Calling It Home with media partner House Beautiful, in its tenth season, challenges twenty bloggers to transform a space over a span of six weeks. The designers share weekly updates, including sources and their design secrets.  Style Maker Jennifer Prock gave her guest room a fabulous makeover in the most recent challenge, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look.


The “Before” Guest Room (photo courtesy Jennifer Prock)

How did you get involved in the One Room Challenge?

I have always enjoyed working on a project from conception to completion. I had been wanting to completely make-over my guest bedroom and felt the timing was right. Additionally, I am involved with a group of Instagrammers and several of us wanted to participate as guests so we could share our vision and ideas with others hoping to inspire them within their own homes. It was enjoyable to have this group for support and encouragement.  

What was the inspiration behind the fabulous wallpaper?

I follow trends quite closely and realize that what is popular on the coasts will eventually make its way to the middle of the country. Once I saw this wallpaper I was head over heels in love with it. I knew it was going to be the focal point of my reveal and I wanted to work with a piece that was outside the box for me. The feedback has been fantastic so far. 


The bold wallpaper inspired the room (photo courtesy Jennifer Prock)

When designing a bedroom, what elements do you look to first in your design?

That would depend upon the bedroom. If it is a master bedroom, the bed itself is typically the focal point and I would begin there and work from that point. If you look to the One Room Challenge guest bedroom, the wallpaper was the focal point. I began there and acquired pieces that would work with the eclectic component which was so evident. 

And what are your must-have elements when it comes to bedroom décor?

I am always on the lookout for the perfect chandelier to accentuate the space. At times, they are the anchor to the room that set the tone. I am also very focused on finding furnishings that look collected. Additionally, bedding plays a major role in the décor theme and personality for the room. 

What drew you to the Gabby nightstands that you selected?

I wanted the room to take on a slightly more transitional look than the rest of my home. The May nightstands, with their brass legs, were the perfect choice. I added a brass curtain rod to complement them. I also felt they would work very well with the wallpaper. 

Any favorite Gabby products that you particularly love for bedrooms?

Wow, that is a tough question. There are so many of your products that I am drawn to. I truly adore your bedside tables. They have an eclectic flair that attracted me at the onset. I also am drawn to your lamps and chandeliers for bedroom lighting. 

Was there something that surprised you the most about the One Room Challenge?

No matter how much you think you are prepared for something, the amount of surprises that surface is mind boggling. I must admit I was a little nervous as to how the wallpaper would be received. The amount of love for that piece has been such a nice surprise. It was a bold risk and I am thrilled to say I think it paid off.  


The “After” (photo courtesy Jennifer Prock)


What do you love most about the room?

Oh, my goodness. I must choose? I will say that the thing I love most about this room is every single piece could be a starting point for a designer. Usually the bed is the focal point as I mentioned above. However, in this room, you could start with your personal favorite piece and work from there. 

Any exciting upcoming projects?

My next task is to update my back patio. Additionally, I have second guest room that should receive a make-over along with a guest bathroom. I also need to update my laundry room. Needless to say, stay tuned for these transformations!

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