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Being Chic Never Felt so Green

Plant-It 2020 is a non-profit organization that plants trees across the world in areas where they will not be harvested. Last year, as part of our continual efforts to give back to communities across the world, Gabby partnered with the organization. For every product Gabby sales, a tree will be planted through Plant-It 2020. The organization also funds a cooking stove initiative that provides fuel-efficient stoves in countries in Central America. Providing educational services for teachers and communities on how to be more conscientious of the environment, and how to improve the world around is … read more

Enhanced Antiques – not Antique Reproductions

Antique reproductions are commonplace in the furniture market these days. Manufacturers seek out unique pieces of furniture to replicate, bringing them to market to show their “copies.” This is not a very novel concept. At Gabby, we are constantly striving to change the way our customers think about furniture. Yes, we are often inspired by antique or found pieces but we like to go one step further. We often add materials such as antique mirror, iron accents, fabric, giving our products unique details that separate them from the masses. Take the Kate Linen Table for … read more

Unique Finds

We have recently introduced a variety of restored antique pieces from all over the world. Each unique find is restored, refinished, and adorned with new hardware. Our buyers handpick these items, working with craftsmen who breath new life into each piece, making them functional for the home of today. These antique items can only be viewed through our website and our offered to our trade customers. Reduce, reuse, recycle by buying vintage antique furniture!

Gabby has arrived!

After much anticipation and a lot of hard work, Gabby is finally here! Welcome to GAB, our blog that gives you the latest updates on decor and the latest news on what’s happening with Gabby. Here, we’ll tour the beautiful homes of our fellow antique collectors and admire their collections. We’ll travel the US and beyond on our mission to find “keepers”. “Keepers” are what most antique dealers refer to as items that they purchase with the intent to resell for a profit, but they simply cannot part with it. Our mission is to build … read more

Furniture and Reclaimed Wood

The magic of old wood is evident. Each piece of reclaimed wood has variation both in age, aesthetic and how that particualr piece was used in the past. Many people are now bringing old wood into their homes for use as flooring, furniture, or they are incorporating old timber throughout their entire home. This is both good from an environmental impact because it minimizes deforestation but it is a way to really give your living space enhanced character. This look is particularly fitting if you’re going for a more casual or rustic look. To transform … read more