Wendy Jane Performance Pillows Add Style

There are endless ways to mix and match decorative throw pillows, especially when it comes to all of the fun prints and patterns the Wendy Jane by Gabby performance pillow line offers! However, because there are SO many creative ways, is the exact reason why it can be so overwhelming and hard to pull off. Best of all, these pillows can stand up to everything life has to offer––indoors our out––spills, stains and kids.

The Mix & Match Throw Pillow recipe is:


5 Throw Pillow Combinations You’ll Love:

Here are 5 color scheme ideas using Wendy Jane performance pillows, put together with the formula above! Hope it inspires you for some really pretty mixing!

  1. Midnight

As a neutral, it can team up with just about any color and produce a stunning, dramatic effect. Any black and white combo creates a timeless, classy look for any space. When used the right way, it can make your room look opulent and elegant!

2. Petal 

Barely there, but oh-so-lovely, adding a delicate pink color to your space with throw pillows is the perfect way to add a small pop of color without over-doing it. The gentle pink hue is neutral and plays nicely with other colors as well.
throw pillow styling

3. Cajun & Navy

Blue and red is the newest design power couple, but you don’t have to have an Americana aesthetic to pull it off. The reason it’s becoming popular in the design world is because of how versatile it is. Adding a hint of navy and cajun to your space with throw pillows is the perfect way to touch on this hot design trend!

5. Mustard

Pair a bright and shiny mustard pillow with a relaxing and cooler neutral, like grey. When used right, mustard throw pillows can transform a room, create interest and completely unique blends and messages.

5. Peacock

Peacock is a dramatic color, but it isn’t “over the top.” Pairing peacock with neutral colors like black, navy and white will tone is down, creating the perfect mix of elegance in your space.

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