Master the Mix: Styling Throw Pillows with Wendy Jane by Gabby

Ever wonder how design pros achieve the perfect throw pillow arrangement? With a few simple tips, and loads of inspiration from our newly released throw pillow collection, ​Wendy Jane by Gabb​y, we’ll give you the tools to create your ideal look.

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First we’ll uncover tried-and-true styling secrets with help from ​Gathered​, a North Carolina-based design studio with a knack for curating picture-perfect pillow arrangements. (Looking for inspiration? Check out their fresh & fabulous ​Instagram feed​.) Later, Gathered will reveal their favorite Wendy Jane throw cushions, and share some professional styling tips. Let’s get started!

We’ll begin with the basics: color, shape, and pattern are the essential building blocks of pillow style. Gathered suggests selecting two of the three primary variations. For example, Gathered might pair different sizes (like a 22 x 22 and 24 x 24)​ that have distinct patterns but similar colorways. This easy-to-follow rule helps strike the right balance of cohesion and contrast.

Ideally, throw pillows should be considered during the design process, and not chosen later. Gathered believes the biggest styling mistake happens when “pillows are an afterthought.” For a truly unique look, don’t forget to take risks! Gathered often encourages clients to select bold throw pillows that make an impact with color, texture, and trim.

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The 5 Factors of Multi-Dimensional Style

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to step up our styling game. The following five factors take throw pillows to the next level.

Color Theory: Consider your preferred palette––color will influence the mood of the room. Cool blues have a calming effect, while robust reds will brighten the space with vivacious energy. For more information, read up on the psychological effects of color.

Size Matters: Choose a pillow size that complements the scale of your furniture. A large sofa with deep seating will require large-scale cushions, while an accent chair may call for a more delicate lumbar pillow.

Pattern Play: Floral, stripe, solid, or spots –– find a pattern (or two) that speaks to you. Pay close attention to the scale of each motif, as different pattern proportions look best when paired. For example, a dainty floral print and wide stripe match well.

On the Border: Beautiful edges add another layer of luxury to throw pillows. Wendy Jane offers a variety of different border styles including contrast welt, double flange, knife edge, cigar corner cap, and flat welt.

Delightful Details: Beyond pattern and color, embellishment adds essential texture and richness to the visual landscape. Look for unique elements like embroidery, tassels, or screenprinted fabric.

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Fabulous in a Flash: Wendy Jane Essentials

Need the perfect pillows ​tout suite? With Wendy Jane’s new quick-ship options, the perfect throw cushions can be delivered in just 10-days. Discover ​Wendy Jane Essentials​.

Style Made Simple: 3 Steps to Pillow Perfection

When it comes to throw cushions, there are no strict rules, but rather best practices for styling success. These simple tips and designer-approved tricks will help turn your plush pile into an arrangement that looks pretty, polished, and effortlessly chic.

#1: Pick & Choose: Step one is selection. Going for a well-curated, multi-dimensional look? Select a variety of high-contrast hues, bold patterns, and rich textures. Prefer a more sleek and modern look? Try a monochromatic palette, then add visual interest with subtle texture and embellishment.

#2: Strength in Numbers: When styling throw pillows, it’s okay to be downright odd. Odd numbers, that is! Three, five, or seven cushions tend to please the eye, lending volume and pleasant asymmetry to the arrangement.

#3: Layer Up: Placing the largest pillows in the back, layer the remaining cushions forward, ending with the smallest pillow closest to the center of the room. Gather complementary shapes and sizes for optimal effect. Square, bolster, and lumbar pillows can all be layered successfully, so play with different shapes until you discover the right pairings.

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High-Tech Textiles: Performance Pillows for Everyday Enjoyment

The best throw pillows are anything but precious. With Wendy Jane’s signature performance textiles, both indoor and outdoor pillows can be enjoyed season after season.

“​Living on the coast we really utilize our outdoor spaces as additional living spaces, so choosing pillows that can endure some sun and salt is helpful.” ––Gathered

Professional Practice: Gathered Styles Wendy Jane Pillows

We wanted to know: How would Gathered mix-and-match Wendy Jane’s new collection? Drawn to bold pattern, they most admire the global-inspired​ ​Manado Ikat Collection​. The multitude of hues in each colorway ensure that Manado is a “good piece to pair with different styles and colors.”

Using navy blue as the common denominator, Gathered would support Manado Ikat with a smaller-scale print–– the botanical Summer Sulu in navy linen. Even with different patterns and sizing, “they are in the same color family and therefore coordinate.” Gathered concludes, “These paired would bring a lot of fun to an outdoor living area!”

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