Home Decor Lighting! Gabby Favorites + 2018 Introductions

Some designers say that home decor lighting is the jewelry of the home. With Gabby, it’s the finishing touch to the perfect Gabby home design. Home decor lighting is a statement maker. It’s that eye-catching detail that is both artistic and personal. And, like jewelry, it may be the last thing you put on, but it should be one of the first things you consider. Gabby lighting designer Jill Harlan makes it easy with a wide variety of transitional lighting meant to be mixed and matched to create personal style.

Chandeliers, sconces, lamps, oh my! Like Gabby’s collection of furnishings, Gabby lighting is transitional and designed to work well with a variety of styles and looks. No one knows this better than the shops and designers who sell to clients every day. “Gabby always has pieces that work well in real life,” says Drew Parker of Argent Antiques in Birmingham, Alabama. “Whether a customer is decorating a new home or looking for a few pieces to freshen their existing look, Gabby has just the right pieces for a fresh look with just the right bit of WOW.”

Here’s what shop owners and designers are loving now. (Then, scroll down for a look at a few of the 2018 introductions.)

The Grayson chandelier. When illuminated, four candlesticks cast reflective light onto the acrylic of this orb shaped chandelier. The connection between the acrylic and metal evokes an industrial feel to the fixture while the reflective acrylic adds sophisticated glamour.

“Right now, one of our favorite chandeliers is the Grayson. It works really well over breakfast tables and in bedrooms,” Drew says. “We recently had a customer who put it in her outdoor room and it made the space.” For pairings. Drew suggests complementing the Grayson chandelier with the Shirley sconce. “We have used this combination in our own home as the perfect pairing in a powder room,” he says.

The Shirley is a transitional wall sconce with a flower motif and a distressed gold leaf finish. Petite in size, this statement lighting features a scalloped acrylic wall plate and demilune shade. Available in gold or silver finish.

Clockwise from top: The Adler, Arnold, and Amelia. Each is available in two sizes and three finishes.

“Other customer favorites are the Adler, Arnold, and Amelia chandeliers,” says Drew. “They are so versatile. They can be used to great effect in lots of different spaces. They have a nice clean, open look without being too in-your-face modern.” Beth Johnson of B Interiors in Atlanta, Georgia shares Drew’s admiration for the Amelia chandelier. “I love the simplicity of the Amelia,” Beth says. “It looks modern but can go with traditional interiors as well, and of course, I love the finish.”  It is offered at a great price point that everyone can afford.

“I like to pair the Garnet sconce with the Amelia chandelier,” Beth Johnson says. “The coordinate beautifully, are simple, and also carry a traditional yet modern feeling.”

As far as lamps go, Drew says customer favorites include the Alice (above left) and the Brianna (above right). “The Alice is a wonderful update on a classic lamp, therefore it is often just the right transitional lamp for a room whether the interior scheme leans to the classic, modern, or somewhere in between,” Drew says. “The Brianna is a great for customers looking to add a pop of color to a room.”

“A new introduction that we are excited about is the Marcella (above),” Drew Parker says. “It is one of our most eagerly anticipated finds at the last market.”

Christopher Magidson, a designer with Defining Home in Birmingham, Alabama shares his favorite pairings of chandeliers, sconces, and pendants and talks about why they make a beautiful room.

Clay Chandelier + Ivan Pendant + Garnet Sconce

Clay Chandelier

Why we like it: Available in two sizes, the Clay chandelier would work in a variety of spaces, including a breakfast or dining area, bedroom, or entry/living area. Even in the larger size, the grand scale remains light and airy. The smaller version would add a casual elegance to a breakfast area.

Ivan Pendant

Why we like it: It’s very versatile! This elevated drum pendant would be great over a kitchen island but could also be used to flank a bed, floating over bedside tables in place of lamps. We also love the inclusion of the acrylic diffuser on the bottom of the fixture. Used along side the Clay chandelier and Garnet sconce, the trio would be a casually elegant grouping with a touch of organic simplicity.

Garnet Sconce

Why we like it: The torch-style sconce can be used in a variety of spaces—from a dining room or kitchen, to a bathroom or hallway. The agate backplate add an unexpected material contrast while maintaining its elegant simplicity.

Corinna chandelier + Gordon pendant + Theresa sconce

Corinna Chandelier 

Why we like it: The classic Empire shape offers timeless appeal while the addition of white-washed wooden beads and natural shell keeps it fresh and current. It would be equally at home over a more traditional dining room or in a modern beach house.

Gordon Pendant

Why we like it: It has a great shape and texture. The woven rope would be terrific in a transitional or modern space. Hanging over a kitchen island and paired with the Corinna chandelier, these two would be perfect together on the coast or at the lake, with their unexpected and organic materials.

Theresa Sconce

Why we like it: This fixture would be a nice contrast to the slightly more casual aire of the Gordon pendant and the larger scale would play well with the Corinna chandelier. They have a scale and presence to them without being overwhelming and would be a handsome addition to any room that could handle their almost three-foot height.

Before you pick out your favorite Gabby light fixtures, here are a few things to think about:

  1. What do you want to accomplish? Lighting is a layered art. Overheads work with sconces, and lamps to create task lighting, decorative lighting, or both. Recessed can lights are ideal for illuminating an entire room. Strategically placed fixtures and lamps, while purposeful, can also highlight furniture and artwork.
  2. Consider how your lighting choices work with your furnishings. Gabby offers transitional looks that can lean traditional, farmhouse chic, or contemporary depending on how and where they are used. Partnered with contrasting or complementary furnishings can change the entire feel of a room.
  3. What kind of mood do you want to convey? Do you prefer well-lit spaces or quiet, contemplative rooms with ambient light? Think about how natural light changes as the day moves from morning to night and outfit each space accordingly. Always use a dimmer!
  4. Plan with technology in mind. Home automation systems can be as simple or detailed as you wish. Thanks to wireless technology, you can change your home’s atmosphere by pre-programming switches to a variety of settings and schedules. This means more security while traveling, coming home to a well-lit house, and dimming lights for the party without going room to room to click on/off buttons. Click here for recommended systems.

Don’t miss these 2018 introductions!

The Henley pendant is an all-metal geometric star-shaped design offers contemporary sophistication. Smooth matte antique brass finish.

The Kira is a modern, one-dimensional ring pendant encircles a bulb in a halo of Lucite. Finished in antique brass.

The Haven displays a delicate hand painted bird scene in timeless blue and white ceramic. Textured linen shade and clear acrylic base.

The Phoebe table lamp has playful peacock motif creating interest in the hand painted ceramic canister shape. Subtle mint green and lavender feathers cascade down the sides of this artistic modern accent piece.

The Ida pendant chandelier showcases a clean, linear shade built into a structured bronze frame.

The Luca table lamp has a  classic double gourd shape with accented bold blue brushstrokes.

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