High Point Furniture Market [Sneak Peek]

Fashion Week for the Home | High Point Market

Your guide to the hottest home interior trends found at High Point Market, fashion week for home furnishings.

Gabby High Point Market | Spring 2019

There’s no better place for seeing new product introductions in person, than at  High Point Market, the world of home furnishings. High Point is the interior design industry’s equivalent of Fashion Week and happens twice a year, every April and October.

Similar to Fashion Week, High Point Market is the go-to resource for interior designers, editors, bloggers, buyers, and manufacturers around the world who want to stay on top of the hottest interior design trends and greatest resources in the industry.

With market only a few weeks away, the Gabby design team is putting their final touches to the newest product introductions before showing off to the public eye. Here’s a closer look at some of the noteworthy products and trends you will see throughout Gabby’s High Point Market showroom.

High Point Market Product [Sneak Peek]

High Point Market Style Edit | Gabby

Here’s a sneak peek of the latest interior design trends for this Spring’s High Point Market product introduction!

4 Eye-Catching Design Introductions:

1. Vintage Reflections

If you did not pick up on it from High Point Market last Fall, prepare to be reminded this go-around that all things ‘70s-inspired is back, and now that the weather is heating up, rattan is resurfacing.

Though you will see many different forms of rattan furniture throughout the showroom, our designers took a different approach this Spring by incorporating it into mirror designs. This lightweight, yet durable material gives the home a more down-to-earth look and feel and shows off a vintage reflection.

2. White & Wood

White Was Wood Trend | High Point Market

Pictured: Kai Chest (New from Fall ’18 High Point), Morgan Dining Table (New for Spring ’19), and the Carin Side Table

There is no denying that neutrals are not going away anytime soon! This resurgence of white-washed, weathered wood, can be found in many of our new furniture pieces at High Point Market, like the Morgan Dining Table pictured above.

Our designers pushed the norm by designing pieces with a more modern vibe, crisp lines, and a masculine influence. This lighter, cool-toned wood, is great for creating a beachy or vintage feel inside any space.

3. Unique Lighting Designs

unique lighting | High Point Market

Pictured: Benson Table Lamp (new Spring ’19), Madden Table Lamp (new Spring ’19), and Alta Chandelier

Creating unique lighting designs is what Gabby is all about, which is why, we’re introducing a variety of new table lamps and pendants this High Point Market created using unique shapes and materials like alabaster, lucite, and brass. Our designers understand that lighting is a central part of a home’s design that reflects the function of each space – no matter the size or shape.

The distinctive design of the Benson Table Lamp for example (black marble lamp above) makes it an extraordinary statement piece. Geometry meets urban style with the fusion of the fixture’s black marble polygon base with matte antique brass rods that support two sleek, white lampshades.

4. All About Pillow Pattern

Wendy Jane By Gabby Pillows | High Point Market

This High Point Market, you can also expect to see more patterned fabrics and designs from our new performance pillow line, Wendy Jane by Gabby. Since making its debut almost a year ago, Wendy Jane has significantly expanded its’ pillow line, offering more textures, patterns, sizes, and styles for both indoor and outdoor use.

You will see two key interior design trends within the pillow line this High Point Market: botanical motifs (tying in again with the organic textures, reds, and greens) and geometrics (and not just in black and white).

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