Sleeping Beauties: Gabby Sleeper Sofas

Function Meets Style: Designing with Sleeper Sofas

Never hear “move over” again. Score major hostess points, Mommy brownie points, and ensure your rooms function beautifully with our cleverly designed sleeper sofas. These dual-purpose sleeper sofas are a chic innovation of the classic trundle bed — perfect for kids, guests, or your sofa bed hideaway!

Behind the Design: Sleeper Sofas

Though it may appear to be an ordinary sofa at first glance, these sofas were designed with style and function in mind. Hidden between the sofa cushion and skirted upholstered frame, lies two fabric straps, which allow the hidden pull out beneath the sofa seat to transform into a queen size bed.

Still wondering how this works? Follow the steps below:

    1. Hold on to the two straps and pull the (bottom) frame out towards you
    2. Gentle lift the straps up
    3. Then slide the retractable bed back towards the sofa — and, Wa-La, you have a sofa bed!

Equipped with a premium mattress and shapely frames, all of Gabby’s sleeper sofas are customizable with over 100+ fabrics to choose from, including performance fabric options! Also available for Quick-Ship [learn more]!

3 Ways to Style a Sleeper Sofa

Now that you know the basics of how these sleeper sofas work, it is time to start thinking of ways to incorporate this stylish sofa revolution within your own home or your clients’ home! To help get your inspiration gears flowing, we paired our 3 favorite sleeper sofas with 3 essential rooms in need of a sleeper sofa:

1. Kids Playroom

Playroom Design | Sleeper Sofa

The flirty, feminine silhouette of the shelter framed Carey Sleeper Sofa is accented by a scalloped corner and high back.

Be ready for sleepovers, spills, and pillow flights by adding the Carey sleeper sofa to your kid’s playroom. It’ll be a great place for the kids to watch TV or read, and you can pull out the bed when the gang gathers for a sleepover.

[Styling Tip]: Be sure to cover the sofa in a performance fabric for extra protection! And don’t forget about protecting the pillows. Wendy Jane by Gabby performance pillows will give you a worry-free look without having to sacrifice style!

2. Dorm Room 

dorm Room Design | sleeper sofa

The Stafford sleeper sofa brings functionality, comfort, and style together in one piece.

Though it may not be in your home directly, the Stafford sleeper sofa is a great option for your college students’ dorm room as it offers a relaxed look & feel. After all, living spaces for college students are typically very small, so having a two-in-one sofa is extremely beneficial, saving space and offering a sleeping spot for visitors.

[Styling Tip]: Go with a neutral (performance) fabric on the sofa and pair with school colored or sorority colored pillows for a bright pop!

3. Guest Room 

The beloved Helena Sleeper Sofa offers transitional styling with an understated wingback design, inset panels along the interior, and a sophisticated look.

When you live in a big city or choose to live in a smaller scale home like an apartment, you have to be creative with space. When hosting guests, the challenge of small living becomes exponentially more difficult, making a sleeper sofa the perfect solution!

Combining one piece of furniture into a stylish, inviting couch, and a comfy, supportive bed, the Helena Sleeper Sofa provides generous proportions for a place for all heads to rest on – whether that be a guest, roommate, or pet!

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