Gabby Shares Hope with the WellHouse

Gabby was founded on the belief that Life’s Best Moments happen around your home––and that the spaces where you live should be filled with beauty and things that you love. That’s why when Birmingham Designer Jan Ware approached us about a new design project she was undertaking for the WellHouse, we knew that we wanted to be involved.

The WellHouse, begun by Tajuan McCarty, exists to extend God’s grace to victims of human sex trafficking. The WellHouse was born of her vision to create a home for women who have been  victims of exploitation. It’s a place where they can come for treatment, obtain life skills and other services to become self-sufficient.

As they’ve helped more victims, the WellHouse had outgrown their old space and was in need of a renovation. Late in 2016, they undertook a new project to build more homes and offices on some land outside of the city. After hearing a WellHouse presentation, Jan knew that designing a special place for these women was something that she wanted to tackle.

“I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen,” says Jan. “But I had this vision of a clean house with beautiful furnishings. I reached out to companies like Gabby, and it all came together miraculously.” 

What surprised Jan the most is how well everything fit together in the new space on move-in day. “I really wanted everything to be fresh and new furnishings,” she says. “And everything that was donated fits together so well.”

Gabby was honored to be a part of this project  of building hope for these women by creating a beautiful space where they can not only heal, but live surrounded by elegance and know that others care about them.



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