Gabby is Ready for Its’ Close-up!

While it is an intriguing plot line or a favorite actor that usually draws me to the movies, often the real reason are the interiors. Recently an intriguing pair of rattan chairs caught my eye at the new film Book Club, starring four women at various stages of their lives who meet over wine and discuss books, love and life.

Starring Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, the “rom-com” is the ultimate chick-flick and fun for all ages. Fonda plays a wealthy single hotelier, Steenburgen a married restauranteur, Bergen a perpetually single federal judge and Keaton, a recent widower and all have stylish houses.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rachel O’Toole. Image of the Watson Chair

Spotted in all its cinematic glory is Gabby’s Watson Chair, a wingback made of antique finished rattan and straddles the line between modern and traditional. Production designer Rachel O’Toole and set decorator Dena Roth placed a pair of the chairs for the home of Diane Keaton’s character (conveniently named Diane).

“Diane’s house was a charming home in Brentwood, TN with a well-attended to garden. The real homeowners were on the fence about whether to renovate or move to a bigger house which is exactly why we loved it for Diane,” says O’Toole. “Her character has outgrown the life she lived in her home, her kids have grown up, her husband passed away. She is happy with her life, but the director (Bill Holderman) and I wanted the house to feel like it was also ready for a change.”

Keaton, an accomplished artist, self-taught designer and book design author in her own right, is a huge aficionado of all things house and home (her books House, California Romantica and The House That Pinterest Built were best sellers). O’Toole looked to Keaton’s character for a comfortable California aesthetic that included painted black wood, white walls, and eclectic and artistic details gathered from trips to flea markets and antique shops. “Diane has a great eye and strong personal style and to try and step on that would feel wrong!”

Book Club along with its stylish interiors and Gabby’s close-up are in theaters now. Be sure to check it out!

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