Gabby has arrived!

After much anticipation and a lot of hard work, Gabby is finally here! Welcome to GAB, our blog that gives you the latest updates on decor and the latest news on what’s happening with Gabby.

Here, we’ll tour the beautiful homes of our fellow antique collectors and admire their collections. We’ll travel the US and beyond on our mission to find “keepers”. “Keepers” are what most antique dealers refer to as items that they purchase with the intent to resell for a profit, but they simply cannot part with it. Our mission is to build furniture and decor that our customers will never part with.

Thanks for visiting Gab!

Design Spotlight

The Alice table is a modified version of a keeper that we found in an antique store. Our design staff took it and designed a beautfully carved work of art.

The Lawrence Buffet is designed with the home of today in mind. This cabinet is entirely made from recycled wood and is dimensioned for media components and even has holes and ventalation in the back for wiring. The cabinet doors have the look of old found window panes.

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