The Gabby Guide to Stain-proof Fabrics

stain proof fabric guide

Life is a beautiful mess. Between kids’ crafts, spaghetti dinners, muddy paws, and birthday parties, no home is safe from occasional spills and stains. How can homeowners minimize the mess and prevent permanent damage? Ask around, and you’ll discover that many designers offer the same sage advice: white, cream, and other light-colored textiles are among the easiest fabrics to clean. Of course, choosing the right upholstery takes a little research and preparation. Seeking expert advice for stain-proof fabrics, we turned to interior designer Marie Flanigan of notable Houston design firm Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Stain-proof Fabric Guide:

Stain proof Fabric guide

“I’ve always been drawn to homes that celebrate light and balance,” Flanigan says of her tailored, bright interiors, “I love using fresh-toned furniture pieces because they offer moments of visual rest within a room, allowing the unique architectural elements and design details that surround to have a voice.”

Clean & Simple: Easy-To-Clean Fabrics and Interiors

We asked, “What should designers & their clients know before selecting light-colored upholstery?” Here, Marie Flanigan shares three critical elements to consider when selecting stain-proof fabrics.

#1: Test fabric swatches before committing. “Fabrics will naturally take on different tones depending on the unique light and color found within your home. Test swatches before you commit to anything to ensure you’re getting the look you’re longing for. (PS – When it comes to weight and weave, opt for a texture-rich slub weave for added durability!)”

#2: Get familiar with the fabric. “Before selecting any fabric, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the material and its particular maintenance needs. Be sure you’re honest with yourself about whether or not you will take the necessary steps to preserve the fabric, which is a step many homeowners find to be a struggle!” In need of some basic fabric guidelines? Check out Better Homes & Gardens guide for choosing the right fabric for your space!

#3: Maintain a regular care & cleaning routine. “It’s also worth noting that all fabrics, even the most stain-resistant options, require a little TLC. Keep care guidelines with your cleaning supplies and be sure to stay on top of routine cleaning to keep all of your upholstered pieces looking fresh and new!”

Stain proof interiors

Dream in Cream: Marie Flanigan Interiors designed this fresh space with skirted sofas, Gabby’s Lewis Chandelier and Edwin Quatrefoil Coffee Table .

White Out: Why Bleach Is Your New BFF
There’s a good reason why high-end hotels and resorts outfit their rooms with snowy white sheets and towels. Why risk these expensive amenities? Because hospitality experts know that fresh white linens are the easiest to clean. That’s right, bleach is your new bestie.

Spotless Record: Designing Stain-proof Interiors with Sunbrella Fabric

Fabric smudges, splotches, and blemishes are inevitable, but even the biggest offenders––wine, berries, and soil––are no match for Sunbrella fabrics. A loyal proponent of stainproof fabrics, Flanigan exclaims, “We love working with Sunbrella! They craft beautiful (and soft) upholstery that is easy to clean and durable enough to stand up to any of life’s happy little accidents.”

And with new quick-ship styles, Sunbrella upholstery has shorter lead times than ever before. Flanigan and her design team often take advantage of this time-saving feature. She shares, “We’ve also found that a number of brands offer ready-to-ship product in Sunbrella fabrics which is key when time is of the essence!”

Once reserved for outdoor projects, stain-treated stain-proof fabrics have recently been improved and reintroduced for interior use. Many textile brands, like Sunbrella, have made great strides in the interior market, unveiling enticing styles and unmatched quality. In Flanigan’s glowing words, “Whether it’s a custom commission or an existing furniture piece recovered in one of Sunbrella’s durable fabrics, we love that we can offer clients exceptional beauty that will stand the test of time.”

Stain proof Fabric Guide

Easy-to-Clean Fabrics From Gabby

Perfect for every room, Gabby’s selection of performance fabrics will withstand the messiest kids and the reddest wines. From whites, to neutrals, to gray and navy, Gabby has you covered when it comes to choosing a worry-free fabric for your home! View more of our easy-t0-clean fabrics here.

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