Furniture and Reclaimed Wood

The magic of old wood is evident. Each piece of reclaimed wood has variation both in age, aesthetic and how that particualr piece was used in the past. Many people are now bringing old wood into their homes for use as flooring, furniture, or they are incorporating old timber throughout their entire home. This is both good from an environmental impact because it minimizes deforestation but it is a way to really give your living space enhanced character. This look is particularly fitting if you’re going for a more casual or rustic look.

To transform or recycle what was once used as a building material is a labor intensive process. Metal nails, hinges from doors, and old paint must be tediously removed to make the wood ready for it’s second life. Many wood species such as heart pine, oak, and elm are highly sought after for their rich patina and unique grain strucutre. Many companies have sprung up who specialize in deconstructing important historical buildings and warehouse across the world. Even old boats have been deconstructed for high value reclaimed teak.

Gabby uses reclaimed materials, including elm on the top of this table for example. Every piece of furniture has variation, character and a unique patina that only the magic of old wood can deliver.

Furniture manufacturers will continue to find new ways to incorporate recliamed materials into their designs. It is a trend that does not look to be going away anytime soon. Look for more of this from Gabby in this year’s new introductions.

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