Furnishings and Philanthropy

This summer, Gabby is upholding our mission to give back to communities through the charitable efforts of Gabby dealers and our dedicated team of sales representatives across the country.

On August 11, Gabby gave back by donating a Nancy Cabinet and Jane Mirror to support Luxe Home Interiors’ raffle at their event, Extraordinary Tablescapes in Wilmington, NC. The event was for the benefit of Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity. To view photos of the event, see the album from Focus On The Coast Magazine.

Along with the raffle to win home decor, Extraordinary Tablescapes featured table designs created by Luxe’s interior designers. Summer Classics donated the Croquet Aluminum Dining Table for the outdoor dining display.

“The owners of Luxe are great people. They are very involved in the Wilmington community. This is a great way to give back to Luxe and Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity,” Carmen Squadrito, sales rep for the area said.

Without the efforts of Gabby’s dealers and the strong connections created by Gabby’s sales representatives, we would not be able to achieve our mission of giving back.

Next month, Gabby is donating items to help our dealer, Lampada’s in Tuscaloosa, AL. in their efforts to assists a family in Tuscaloosa County effected by the April 27 storms.

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