Fresh Decor Trends Featured in High Point Showroom

Gabby’s High Point Showroom this October market will be filled with a hint of the unexpected. “We really like to use materials in unique ways,” says Gabby Designer Hillary Park. “In each of our new introductions, we use organic forms to add interesting dimensions to rooms.


Roland Console Table


Rattan will be a big material used in the High Point Showroom. “Since it’s a very organic and natural material, we’re able to do unique things with it—softer lines than what we can achieve with furniture,” says Hllary. “More than what we have, linear and straight lines. Being able to offset with soft curves is nice.” And because rattan is woven, we’re able to introduce interesting patterns into it.

Nathan Desk

Another new trend for us that we’re seeing this season is darker toned finishes. There will be more stained and wood toned pieces like our large case goods. There will also be strong graphic color with half black and half white stone. We’ll also introduce a number of new desks, most of which are versatile and can be used as both a console table and a desk.

Petrified wood will be another new introduction for Gabby at High Point. This cool material has natural characteristics that vary from piece to piece. Interesting finishes like chrome are mixed with the wood to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind tables that are sleek and modern.

Miles Table Lamp

Gabby will introduce a number of new lighting pieces this season, including pendants of a variety of shapes and sizes with interesting materials. In addition, many of the lamps in this season’s collections contain a variety of mixed materials. Acrylic, chrome, ceramic and stone are just a few of the materials used together to create interesting combinations. Different and sizes of lamps make perfect additions to transitional spaces.



Join us for some Whiskey Business in our showroom on Saturday, October 14 from 4-7 pm.

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