Eco-Friendly Sensibilities

At Gabby, we’re not a typical home decor company, and we’re not centered around what everyone else is doing. That’s why our approach to being eco-friendly isn’t the same as other companies.

Here are a few of the products from our new line that are created using recycled materials.

Eva Side Table

The Eva Side Table’s cubed shape is a great complement to the round Cyrano Coffee Table. This functional piece has a removable top for storage and features small inlaid recycled elm wood planks. Simple form, but full of character.

Cyrano Coffee Table

The circular Cyrano coffee table is inlaid with triangular offset pieces of recycled elm wood. Simple in form but bold in design. The table is slightly elevated off the floor for added mobility and finished with a water based sealer.

For every order Gabby receives, we make a donation to plant a tree.

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