Designer High Point Survival Secrets

High Point. It might just be a designer’s slice of heaven––more than 2,000 vendors in one place showcasing thousands upon thousands of new products. And, the possibilities for inspiration and great project finds can be endless.

And while we love to hear designers dish on the latest trends of High Point and what they hope to see, we really wanted to know their High Point survival secrets. We wanted the inside tricks on how they spend days going from showroom to showroom and still keep on their toes! So here’s a little of what we discovered from the pros.

Pacita Wilson of Pineapple Park, Woodstock, Georgia:

For every Market my go-to items are my work bag (completely empty so I can fill it with all of our orders from Market), lots of Water to hydrate from walking for days to all of our favorite go to Vendors and light weight clothing (layered so I can remove a jacket or layer if the weather changes). We always look forward to Market and this year I’m sure will not disappoint!

Pacita Wilson and Paul Bentley

Lori Paranjape, mrs. pranjape, Nashville, Tennessee:

Whatever comes to Market with me and my teeny-tiny bag MUST be important!  Market is a marathon, and I believe in minimizing what I carry along for the journey. My bag is a small cross-body… that means I am hands-free to touch and feel the furniture and spend my time taking pictures… which is the ONLY way I will remember what I’ve seen! In addition to my precious phone, I carry some business cards for making connections, gum, my hotel card, a measuring tape and lip gloss… only the essentials!

Lori Paranjape

Sande Beck, Sande Beck Design, Atlanta, Georgia:

When you head to High Point, you definitely need comfy shoes, snacks in your purse and a good floor plan map for any market.  And a good friend with you with a good eye is a bonus!


Leigh Murphy, GDC Home, Charleston, South Carolina:

I try to keep my market bag as light as possible because it definitely gets heavier as the day goes on.  I carry a list of all vendors I want to see organized by appointment time or location.  The only way I can get it all done is to be organized!  My iPhone for taking pictures (and the calculator) is my most necessary item.  Some lip-gloss and my favorite Rue de Marli hand cream are essential too. 

Sita Montgomery, Sita Montgomery Interiors, Salt Lake City, Utah:

When attending Market, the most important item in my bag is a pair of comfortable shoes! It might sound trite, but navigating High Point Market on foot is not an easy task. Comfortable shoes are a must.

Also, for me, a good planner is a must. It might be an old school method, but no matter how you do it, planning out your time at Market can ensure you make the most of your days spent there. Take time to study the vendors and showrooms. My most successful trips to Market are one where I have an objective in mind and a plan for achieving it.

A few other goodies you will find in my Market bag are a backup charger for my phone (my phone gets a major workout, snapping all the gorgeous finds) and some easy snacks. Most of the Showrooms provide little bites to eat, but there are times you will suddenly find yourself famished. Having a little snack you can grab from your bag, helps to curb your hunger and keep you going a little longer.

Sita's Can't-Live-Without Planner


In the Gabby Showroom, we know how hard our designers are working. That’s why we keep our showroom stocked with drinks and snacks and plan special treats throughout the market to keep everyone energized. And, of course, there are plenty of inviting places to sit and relax throughout our showroom.

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