High Point Survival Secrets: A Designer’s Perspective

High Point survival secrets––on your mark, get set, go! Since I don’t get many days at High Point, I have to be very efficient with my time, so the first thing I pack is …. my plan.  I divide  up my plan by vendors that I currently work with first, then I go to vendors that I need to source for my clients and my business.  I lay out where they are all located so I can knock out a building at a time. I  do have to admit, I  have been known to plan my visits to some vendors based on an amazing breakfast or lunch. Here are a few more of my High Point Survival Secrets. 

Lauren Clement of Lauren Nicole Designs

I try to travel light by carrying a crossbody bag that leaves my hands free since my cell phone is typically in my hand taking lots and lots of pics — which brings me to another must–my phone charger.  The worst things is to run out of battery half way through the day.

I pack lots of business cards, chapstick, a bottle of water, some sort of energy bar and a credit card.

Of course,  always wear comfy, but cute, shoes and I always dress in layers since I’m always freezing inside and  hot  outside.

A few extra tips:  Take pics on your phone of reps business cards to avoid having to collect and lose lots of great contacts. Take along your sales tax info in case you need to set up a new account on the spot. 

As I like to say when I am working on a project, all design rules are meant to be broken, the same goes for Market. Do your best to make and stick to your plan, however, some of my best finds have been on a whim when I got off on the wrong floor of the elevator or was distracted by a shiny object. Make your plan, pack your snacks, hydrate, charge, but be prepared for a little off roading. These High Point Survival Secrets will help you have a great trip!

Have fun and happy High Point y’all!

About Lauren Clement: Lauren is an interior designer, wife, mother, friend, speaker and author and owner of Lauren Nicole Designs. She has a simple philosophy when it comes to interior design: it’s All About You! She works closely with her clients to match their personal tastes and lifestyles to their interior decor. She started her career as an interior designer in 2006, after 21 years of living with her decorator mother. As a resident of Charlotte, NC, working in Interior Design for the past nine years, she has come to love the sights, sounds and people of the area. She and her husband, Chris, are enjoying building their family together. She’s busy mom to her gorgeous girls Finley (5) and Campbell (3 1/2).

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