Defining Home Blends Timeless Tradition with the Unexpected

Defining Home, located in Homewood, Alabama, was born through Adams Gerndt Design Group, an architectural design firm founded by Tom Adams and Adam Gerndt.  The store was opened in 2013 and has since been offering a huge library of resources to independent Interior Designers, as well as taking on in-house design projects and providing an elevated level of product and service to the retail consumer. Coty Hall, Gallery Manager, Janet Clifton, Interior Designer, and Marie Noojin, Interior Designer, share a little background on what makes Defining Home so unique.


Tell us a little about your design style.

DH: Our aesthetic is a modern traditionalist’s approach to elegant, clean, and classic interiors. We love to blend elements of timeless tradition with pops of unexpected modern décor and just enough color to bring life to the space. What is most important to us is that the space is functional enough to suit the client’s needs as well as styled well enough to fit their own personal taste.

And what has been the secret to Defining Home’s success?

DH: Our success can be credited to a few different aspects of our unique environment.  First, our design style and product offerings set us apart from the crowd. We have sought to bring specific, high fashion design lines to the city that many people have not had access to before. We also like to think that our customer experience creates an impression on our clients. We are extremely service oriented and believe in building long lasting, trusting relationships with our customers. We are very much a culture based on family, and consider ourselves to be our own family of sorts. When we take on a client, we are essentially inviting them to be a part of that.

And why do you choose Gabby?

DH: Gabby has a great transitional flavor for mixing with traditional and modern interiors. “I used Gabby in Atlanta when it was launched there,” says Janet. “The pieces have transitional style & design, and it stays current with what the design trends are.” And not only does Gabby have such a diverse selection, but it also provides a great value. Our customers also like the fact that the tailored line is manufactured in the U.S. and that it’s customizable.


Which Gabby items are your favorites? 

DH: In upholstery, the Helena, Baldwin, and Paige sofas and the Willow swivels. As far as case goods, the mirrors do exceptionally well, as do the accent pieces. And we love the lighting––the Margaret Lamp and the Sandra Chandelier, in particular.

What do you tell your clients are their must-have items?

DH: It’s typically very client specific—but we do love to show them the Baldwin chair. “It’s a great scale with a smaller footprint,” says Coty. “There are so many compartmentalized homes in the Homewood area so it’s great for those tighter spaces.” We also love the acrylic barstools and dining chairs—with the Adams dining table and also the Penelope. It’s an interesting mix. We also suggest mirrors and accent tables.

When it comes to color, what are some trends that you see for 2017?

DH: “I think that ‘greige,’ the use of neutral gray and beige, is not going to be as predominant,” says Janet.  People are moving away from every interior looking the same. As we appreciate white and gray, we’re going to be seeing rich tones with layers of texture and patterns.


How does your store change in the spring?

DH: We do keep color stories in mind and replace some of those darker tones you may see in the fall and winter with some brighter and more vibrant colors for the spring, however, we sell off the floor every day to keep the gallery fresh and provide fast turn-around for our customers. You will constantly come in and find something new and different. Of course, we have our staple upholstery pieces that you will always see, but we like the way that things are continually changing because it gives us a fresh image and gives the customer a reason to come back time and time again.


What are some of your favorite Summer Classics pieces?

DH:  The White Label collection is beautiful. The Sedona wicker is classic and timeless. And we loved the new weathered colored—the classic colors will never go out of style.

What’s on the horizon for Defining Home? 

DH: Steady and continual growth—we’re constantly researching to remain on the cutting edge of design. We like to stay a step ahead of the crowd, and expand the design palate of Birmingham and the surrounding area. And we hope to turn more people onto the idea of the eclectic blend. We want to encourage our clients to step out of their comfort zone to create a tailored look that is specific to them and their emotions. We want to continually encourage our potential clients who have not experienced us yet to become more comfortable with expressing themselves through design.

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