Define Your Design Style

Articulating your design style is the key to creating a home that reflects it. And Gabby has furnishings and lighting to fit every look so that you can be a bold curator of your own personal aesthetic. One thing we hear designers say time and again is that they love Gabby furnishings because they mix so well with any style.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite styles––and don’t forget to take our quiz at the end to discover your own style!



A look that brings light, bright looks to interiors, clean lines and natural materials and textures defines coastal style. Coastal style doesn’t smack you with sea shells and fish, but it evokes an easy, carefree lifestyle that reminds you of the beach no matter how far away your home actually is from the shoreline. Homes that awaken coastal sensibilities blur the lines from inside and out, letting the sunshine in as much as possible.



While an eclectic style appears to be a mix of materials, it’s the planning that goes into designing the space that makes it so successful. The layout of an eclectic style starts with a strong focal point. A strong eclectic style exudes confidence and the fundamentals of good design. A few secrets of this look include a cohesive color and pattern scheme, layered textures and a little bit of the unexpected.


While this style may take its inspiration from the past, it is more about comfort and familiar elements than the matching bedroom sets that your grandparents likely had. Symmetrical placement of furnishings make this look work so well. Tailored finishes and timeless fabrics work together in these spaces. The secrets to a traditional look are in the color with both neutrals and tone-on-tones. Traditionalists typically fill their homes with collections, many times these are family heirlooms, arranged in a logical way.



The nuances of Southern style can sometimes be hard to define. Like the South itself, this look contains a melting pot of elements from each of the other looks. An easy going mix of formal and informal furnishings combined with color schemes that soothe are the hallmarks of Southern style. A graceful mix of family heirlooms and contemporary design create homes that reflect regional charm.


Known for its minimalist, uncluttered feel, modern design can be best described as structural order with clean architectural lines. Strong lines and minimal texture with straightforward furnishings best describe this non-fussy style. One secret to obtaining the right modern look is in the lighting, which highlights the various focal points.



A convergence of influence from English, French and Mediterranean design best depicts this popular look. Conveying a sense of luxury, old world accessorizing makes this style unique. Colors observed in nature or Old World towns that are rich and deep toned are popular with this interiors style.


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