Atlanta Market Wrap-Up: Gabby’s New Designs this July

Atlanta 2016

Atlanta Market

Every July, Gabby is thrilled to showcase hundreds of new products at Atlanta Market. We enjoy spending time with coworkers, customers, and friends while debuting our eclectic designs. Besides Friday’s wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres, one of the most exciting parts of market is seeing visitor’s reactions to our new products. This year, we introduced several alabaster items, including a side table with an interior light. Guests also got to see our renovated showroom, refurbished with a bold lattice floor pattern and a dynamic curved archway. As always, we strive for an overall bold and transitional look that fits into the sophistication of Atlanta Market.

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What We Did

Eclectic as always, our showroom combines multiple styles and materials in chic contrast. As designer Jill Harlan comments, we strive for “sophisticated simplicity–minimalistic forms that are well thought out.” Our use of simple shapes, which we explored in-depth in this blog post, has equipped our current products to stand the test of time. While we stay true to simplicity, we also aim for innovation in our designs. For example, we’ve really embraced alabaster material this season, as well as rustic looks such as reclaimed wood. We hope that our new items, introduced at Atlanta market, highlight our constant exploration of unique materials and finishes. Gabby designer, Kai-ning Huang, shares, “We included a lot of different styles in the showroom. Every room has its own feel.” This insight certainly speaks to Gabby’s celebration of variety. To further demonstrate our eclectic taste, we pair our products with one-of-a-kind antiques  that we have curated ourselves from locations throughout France. While each of our new products brings a new flavor to our line, every debut at Atlanta Market aligns with Gabby’s overall goal– evoking high style at an exceptional value.

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How We Fit In

On the 14th floor of our Atlanta showroom building, designers showcase vignettes of the latest design trends at market. Among them, project designer Hilary Park notes that a common theme was “contrast with dark metallic finishes. These vignettes are moodier than we’ve seen before.” The rising trend of darker looks is something that Gabby has adapted in recent designs. Even our black and white theme in the Atlanta showroom, unified by the patterned wallpaper, reflects this stylistic adaptation. In addition to color scheme, we noticed structural trends as well. For example, low height products were popular, as well as thick, oversized table tops with simple metal bases. But beyond season-specific trends, there are some themes from every year’s market that have consistently won out. Hilary comments that one of these time-resistant trends is “unique shapes and geometric patterns.” At Gabby, we’re inspired by simple shapes that customers love, and we strive to meet this ongoing trend in our new designs.

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Best of Market

A mix of existing successful and new products, allow us to gauge the popularity of our items. For new items, we gain valuable feedback before their official release. Not only are we able to receive quantifiable responses from buyers, but we have the opportunity to talk with customers about their favorite items. Generally, reclaimed wood and upholstery did well at Atlanta Market. We’ve also listed a few specific items that were success stories, offering you a sneak peek at our upcoming trend-driven designs.

Current Product

Gold King Bar Stool | Gabby

Gold King Bar Stool | Gabby

A Lucite staple in Gabby’s line, the King Bar Stool features a chic pairing of clear acrylic with gold finished metal. This transitional chair represents sophisticated simplicity, and it has consistently done well in sales.

Choice Seating | Gabby

Choice Seating | Gabby

An overarching theme of Atlanta market was upholstered products, and Gabby certainly competes in this category! Items from our choice seating collection, such as the Café Chair and Vivian Counter stool, were successful this year.

New Product

Arthur End Table | Gabby

Arthur End Table | Gabby

From side to coffee tables, Atlanta market visitors loved our products made of reclaimed wood. Continually, it has been a beloved and timeless material. Its popularity is a result of its ‘well-loved’ look and ability to transition into any type of setting. Depending on the room, it can take on a coastal, casual, or traditional feel. At this year’s Atlanta Market, the Arthur and August end tables did extremely well. Made of elm and pine respectively, these tables feature an abstracted quatrefoil flower design that customers find appealing.

Skylar Tray Table | Gabby

Skylar Tray Table | Gabby

Another top product from market, the Skylar Tray Table has a contemporary style triangular metal base with a gold finish. The removable Lucite table top is a unique feature that contributed to its success.

The Levi side table, made of alabaster, is one of our proudest new designs that we introduced at Atlanta market. It includes an internal light– the first time we’ve included this feature in a Gabby furniture design. A market success story, this is the perfect side table for low seating.

Continue to visit us online and at Atlanta Market to keep pace with Gabby’s award winning design team. There are always new and exciting product introductions to see and experience!

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