White Lights: Alabaster Lamps are 2019’s Brightest New Trend

Favored by sculptors & architects for centuries, alabaster stone has a number of desirable qualities. The most notable include pleasant weight, powder-smooth surface, and ethereal white coloring. Easily cut, carved and polished, the rare beauty of this material comes from its soft translucency. This is a rare characteristic among stones, which makes it quite popular with artists and artisans throughout the world.

alabaster lamps

Ancient Art to Modern Artisans: A Brief History of Alabaster Lamps

From elaborate Egyptian pottery to romantic sculptures from the European Renaissance, precious alabaster artifacts have been identified on almost every continent. Long considered a luxury material, only the elite had access to alabaster.

Although it’s no surprise that milky-white alabaster has maintained a desirable status. Softer and lighter than marble, alabaster provides a similar appearance without excess weight or cost. Due to the nature of stone, each piece is unique, sometimes showcasing contrasting veins of color. While white is the most common shade, alabaster also comes in in transparent grey, black, yellow, or red. The color depends on the product’s origin.

And, Alabaster also holds the ancient allure of symbolism and superstition. In many cultures, the stone is said to signify purity, and offer protection and healing qualities to babies and children. This makes it a perfect addition to the nursery!

How to Clean Alabaster Lamps

Gently sweep away dirt and debris using a soft bristled brush (artist or makeup brushes work well). Dust alabaster often to prevent scratching, excess moisture, and staining.

Designing with Alabaster Lamps

Due to its luminous appearance and neutral shade, alabaster looks incredible in a variety of different interior styles. These styling suggestions will help you embrace alabaster as one of 2019’s hottest home trends. Explore more fresh design trends for 2019.

alabaster lamp

Gabby’s brand new Braden Table Lamp is seen here with the deco-inspired Kai Chest.

Inspired by Jewelry

Fashion and furniture design collide with this runway-ready trend. Add a little sparkle and shine with home accents inspired by jewelry! Just like your favorite earrings or necklace, well-chosen alabaster lamp accents complete the look of your interior ensemble. We think the brass-framed Braden Table Lamp will be a showstopper for 2019. Also try: Megan Table Lamp.

alabaster lamp

Maple Table Lamp styled by Shayne Morrissey of @DesigningFortWorth. Photo by @jenmburner.


Styled with warm textiles and darker finishes, alabaster lamps strikes just the right balance between masculine and glamorous design. Here, the cylindrical shape and handsome brass finish of the Maple Table Lamp lend a flash of glamour to this bedroom designed by Shayne Morrissey. Also try:  Valencia Table Lamp.

alabaster lamp

Alabaster Lighting Additions: 3 more bright-white pieces to consider.

Mallory Pendant: Smooth alabaster rings encircle a suspended bulb in our Mallory Pendant. Showcasing creamy white stone & antique brass, this piece gleams with a touch of metal.  It has a transfixing glow when the light bulb is illuminated.

Comet Table Lamp: Not sure this material is right for you? Ease into alabaster with the Comet Table Lamp. This 32” alabaster lamp features a unique metal base and hexagonal shade, all finished with antique gold leaf. A small alabaster platform accents the base, providing just the right amount of white.

Lexi Drinking Table: Keep your favorite cocktail close at hand with the small-scale, stylish Lexi Drinking Table. Tiled with beautiful alabaster, the cylindrical base & champagne metal support rod suspend a clear acrylic top. The brass finial ring acts as a convenient handle.

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