10 Trends to Watch in West Coast Design

west coast design trends

Season after season, we’re consistently impressed by the rising tide of design influence emanating from the west coast. With breathtaking beaches, soaring mountain ranges, and culture-rich cities, there is no shortage of aesthetic inspiration driven by design centers from Seattle to San Diego. This week, as we follow the summer sunshine to Las Vegas Market, we’ll also take a closer look at 2018’s design forecast.

Ahead, we dive into ten of today’s most intriguing trends in west coast design.

Furniture Ideas for West Coast Design

1. Golden Age Glamour: Originated by silver screen starlets in the 1930’s, Old Hollywood glamour is making a major comeback in West Coast design. Warm metals and luxurious fabrics update this Golden Age look for modern day life.

Wishlist Item: With a black & white marble base, our Perry Drinking Table (coming soon) is topped with a golden platform – perfect for a vintage-style cocktail.

2. Understated Texture: Popular in within west coastal communities, tactile accents add lightweight depth. Seagrass, linen, and other understated materials please the eye without drawing attention away from bolder design elements.

Wishlist Item: Soft seagrass drawer fronts accompany a powder blue frame and brass hardware on our 4-drawer Jane Chest.

3. Historical References: Rather than designing a room that references one specific style (say, Mid-Century Modern), west coast designers are blended furniture, artwork, and accessories inspired by many different eras. This curated look draws from a number of time periods, creating a unique look that is rich in cultural references.

Wishlist Item: Our Tabitha Chest is designed with a vintage-inspired campaign style body, updated with modern materials – seagrass and brushed brass. Acrylic legs place this piece firmly in 2018.

4. Seamless Spaces: Temperate climates support living spaces that easily transition from indoor to outdoor use which is the foundation for west coast design. Once reserved for exterior use, outdoor furniture styles have become more transitional, following a trend towards flexible movement throughout the home.

Wishlist Item: Striking a sophisticated note in matte black, Summer Classics’ Soho Collection (coming soon) is bohemian and beautiful.

5. Sculptural Shapes: Home to some of the country’s most esteemed museums and galleries, it’s no surprise the west coast is a hotbed for artistic inspiration. Influenced by modern and contemporary masters, furniture items with sculptural silhouettes are a designer’s dream.

Wishlist Item: Conceptual yet casual, our Ezra Console Table is practically a collector’s item. The construction: washed oak, chrome, and clear acrylic. Artist approved.

6. Less Is More: Striving for minimalism with warmth, many designers are opting for light, edited layers. West coast residents are embracing the ethos set forward by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Wishlist Item: Simplistic in form, the hex-shaped Lovell Mirror adds dimension and style. A hanging strap ensures this brushed gold piece can be installed with ease.

7. Ready for Rattan: A twist on traditional woven furniture, rattan is receiving lots of well-deserved attention. Airy in appearance, this renewable material adds a breezy, boho vibe when paired with the more traditional decor.

Wishlist Item: With 10+ new rattan designs ranging from footstools to formal dining chairs, we can hardly choose a favorite. Special selections include the tone-on-tone Malia Side Table and the unexpected Morrison Arm Chair in rattan and black leather.

8. Curated Cushions: Swapping symmetrical styles for aesthetic diversity, west coast designers are selecting pillows with personality. For optimal effect, stick with a cohesive palette and build depth with texture and embellishment.

Wishlist Item: Perfection is a process, but Wendy Jane Essentials is a great place to begin. Build a fantastic collection of cushions with our best-selling designs, in-stock and ready to ship within 10 days.

9. Dark Wood: Offset by modern metallic accents, dark woods like stained oak and elm (both durable hardwoods) are making a comeback in west coast design. The opacity of wood construction often adds a grounding effect to open-concept spaces.

Wishlist Item: Complemented by a contemporary gold base, the 54” Bennie Dining Table adds abundant richness and warmth. 4-6 guests can enjoy this circular gathering space.

10. Custom Tailoring: Today, choice is the ultimate luxury. Driven by the demand for bespoke options, designers are searching for one-of-a-kind furnishings. Cater to discerning clients with Custom Tailored sofas, settees, chairs, benches and ottomans.

Wishlist Item: The Marlowe Sofa showcases a casual silhouette with deep seating and relaxed skirting. This modern beauty projects west-coast-cool in concept and form.

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