About Us

Gabby creates unique, transitional furniture and transitional lighting in eclectic, vintage modern and antique style to the design and retail trade. We exist to create compelling design for inspired living. At Gabby, we believe in telling a story with our eclectic and transitional furniture. A division of Summer Classics, an innovator in the industry of outdoor furniture, Gabby is first and foremost a family owned company. Our name is derived from the founder’s late grandmother, Gabriella Comer White, an inspirational woman who was both the Christian matriarch of the family and an outspoken, worldly individual. Gabby’s mission is to create trend driven, innovative products that change the way people think about furniture and lighting. Drawing inspiration from both classic and modern styles, the Gabby family has an eclectic approach to design that is underscored with enormous confidence. Our products are often crafted by hand using a variety of unique materials that tell a wonderful story.

Gabby always inspires conversation – in the homes of our delighted customers and in the ways we support worthy causes. We hope our customers enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Gabby apart from other home furnishings manufacturers is our innovative incorporation of new, unique materials into our designs. Bringing vellumrattanbone, horn, faux shagreen, eglomise, and reclaimed wood to our home furnishings as well as fabrics in our drawer front insets and mirrors, Gabby is constantly shifting to accommodate the eclectic lifestyle that defines our customers. The Gabby family prides itself on finding success in the highly competitive home furnishings industry through continuous research, ensuring that our products develop along with the trends of the time.

As a leader in the home furnishings industry, Gabby is committed to trend-driven product development and maximum customer satisfaction.

Where to Find Us

If you are interested in our transitional home furnishings, visit our Dealer Locator page to locate a Gabby-approved dealer in your location. All of our dealers across the United States and Canada share the same commitment as the Gabby family to superior customer service, providing you with an enjoyable experience during your store visit.

Gabby offers our products to the trade only. In addition to our approved dealers, Gabby also has permanent trade showroom locations in Atlanta, Georgia in AmericasMart, at High Point, North Carolina in the International Home Furnishings Center, and Las Vegas, Nevada in the World Market Center. We have a large booth at New York Now! at the Javits Center. Gabby corporate offices are based just south of Birmingham, Alabama. Our distribution centers, located in Alabama and Los Angeles, California, bring Gabby home furnishings to our exclusive dealer network across the country.

Edition 10: Distinctive

We are excited to introduce the 10th edition of the Gabby story! This Chapter is titled “distinctive” and it is one of our core values at Gabby. It is filled with thoughtful creations, attention to detail, and an eclectic approach to design with a focus on chic, contrasting materials. We also believe in the distinction, good character and unique abilities of our people. Our company believes deeply in creating distinctive designs and developing a unique style found only here at Gabby. When I hear that word “distinctive”, I think of exciting memories of time spent with my late grandmother, Gabriella White, whose visage graces the cover of this chapter. She was worldly, spiritual, intelligent, educated, passionate, adventurous, proud, and loving. She lived life to the fullest and she loved God. Another core value at Gabby is “making our families proud.” We are a family business and have the privilege of employing members of dozens of families. They are part of something special. Employing them and seeing them excel is our greatest achievement. This is what makes me proudest. We look for ward to bringing you the next chapter of compelling design for inspired living.


William B. White IV

Edition 9: Compelling

The Gabby family is proud to unveil “Compelling“, the 9th Edition in our wonderful story. In this supplemental collection, you will find our newest product introductions from the April and July home furnishings markets. In response to customer demand, also see our new Gabby Custom Choice, a line of customizable dining chairs and other seating that will bring out the designer in you. View an innovative earthenware pottery collection with amazing antiqued finishes as well as expanded offerings from our Tailored Collection of custom USA made upholstery.

Our most recent creations embody the Gabby spirit of distinctive design along with our exploration of unique materials. Experience the Gabby difference, a continuing effort to make our families proud by doing whatever it takes to treat our customers with honor. We look forward to continuing our rapid pace of new and innovative product development while continuing to offer the great service and sales experience we strive for each and everyday. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed resting them.

We will always strive to bring you…compelling design for inspired living.


William B. White, IV


Edition 8: Stylish

The Gabby family is excited to introduce “Stylish“, the 8th Edition in the Gabby story. As our company continues to challenge the status quo, I am reminded of the company’s namesake. My late grandmother, Gabriella Comer White had an amazing spirit, a stylish and sophisticated way about her, a fearless attitude, and a commitment to serving others. She too challenged the norm and didn’t settle for mediocrity. That is what made her so special.

We strive to express these same values in our mission to change the way you think about home furnishings. We continue to bring unique materials to create our idea of stylish and sophisticated design. We maintain a spirit of innovation and we embrace uniqueness just like she did.

We commit to improving our relationship with you and serving you better in 2014 as we invest in the right people in the right places. We are big proponents of the concept of continuous improvement and are always looking to enhance our quality standards to make sure we exceed your expectations. This is our biggest focus this year.

Gabby will always look for ways to serve our local and global community. This past year, we proudly worked with Lifeline Children’s services. This organization exists to provide a hope and future through the Gospel for children around the world by disciplining, engaging and equipping people toward adoption, foster care, and orphan care.

This year, the Gabby team will work hard as we can to make sure that we live up to those values that made my grandmother such a great woman. We will write chapter after chapter of beautiful stories that change the way you think about this industry. Gabby will create, inspire, and serve and we will make my grandmother proud.


William B. White, IV


Edition 7: Eclectic

With our 2013 Summer Catalog, Gabby introduces the 7th chapter in our story. Entitled “Eclectic,” this chapter goes back to our roots as a home furnishings manufacturer focused on drawing inspiration from a wide range of diverse sources. Eclectic is driven by direct feedback from our annual survey, reflecting the desires of our valued customers. This chapter offers a broader collection of unique furniture, transitional upholstery, and vintage style lighting that also integrates a new collection from the south of France of fine, antique furniture and vintage furniture as well as accessories.

 This reference to transitional style in Eclectic has allowed Gabby to take our designs in a new direction that continues our tradition of using a mix of distinctive materials and creating a truly original product inspired by multiple periods and genres. At Gabby, we are focused on constant improvement of our products, driven by the wants and needs of our customers. The Gabby family strives to ensure a truly special experience for each and every one of you.

At Gabby, we thrive on mixing unique materials together and using inspiration from different genres and periods to create something truly innovative and unique. We believe what is most important is the product itself, continuous improvement, and making sure your customer experience is as special as it can possibly be.

How Gabby’s Gives Back

As a successful home furnishings company, Gabby is proud of its ability to give back and provide support to charitable organizations whose work we hold in high regard. Most recently, Gabby has extended our charitable efforts with our newest annual charitable partner, Lifeline Adoption Services. To learn more about this incredible organization, visit their website at www.lifelinechild.org.

Gabby partnered with Habitat for Humanity in 2012 to help those in need make their dream of owning their own home a reality. Gabby also regularly donates to the  American Cancer Society’s Smith Mountain Lake Discovery Shop, which aids their efforts in fighting cancer and searching for a cure.

At Gabby, we strongly believe in the importance of using our success to give back, help others, and ultimately make our world a better place for all. Furthermore, we are pleased to be able to share our eclectic home furnishings with each and every one of our valued customers. We hope that you love our products as much as we love designing and creating them.