Transitional, Eclectic, and Antique Style Furniture and Lighting

Gabby has created what we believe is one of the most compelling assortments of occasional transitional furniture, casegoods, custom upholstery and lighting products offered to the design and retail trade. We have showrooms across the country and invite you to join us to celebrate what drives our business… beautiful design.

Gabby was founded on the belief that many of Life’s Best Moments happen in and around the most intimate place in our lives…within what we call home. Our company exists to help deliver these moments to our customers. Our company exists to give our customers unique products that accentuate their style. We want our furnishings to help make the experiences that our clients have in their homes with their friends and family that much better because their environment is more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, and thus more compelling than it would be without Gabby.  We are honored to have our carefully designed pieces live in such a special place, in our customers’ homes. And we hope that they will enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

When Gabby founder William White started working on Gabby more than 10 years ago with his father, the founder of Summer Classics, they decided to name the business after William’s late Grandmother, Gabriella Comer White. This long-standing family business pays tribute her and to our hardworking family of employees who have contributed so much in making Gabby successful. As she always said, “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”

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Wendy Jane

June 19, 2018

Historic Houston: A Timeless (Texas) Transformation with Marie Flanigan Interiors

In the heart of Houston, Texas, ​Marie Flanigan Interiors​, an internationally acclaimed design firm, has been skillfully crafting some of the nation’s most elegant interiors. Complemented by a team of talented design professionals, principle Marie Flanigan draws from her architectural background to create inspiring environments. Uncompromising craftsmanship, quality, and taste are present in each thoughtful selection – from the handpainted wallpaper to the perfectly plush cushions. In Marie’s words, “The beauty of a truly great interior is found in the details of each object.” Behind the Design with Marie Flanigan Like the interiors she designs, … read more

June 14, 2018

Master the Mix: Styling Throw Pillows with Wendy Jane by Gabby

Ever wonder how design pros achieve the perfect throw pillow arrangement? With a few simple tips, and loads of inspiration from our newly released throw pillow collection, ​Wendy Jane by Gabb​y, we’ll give you the tools to create your ideal look. First we’ll uncover tried-and-true styling secrets with help from ​Gathered​, a North Carolina-based design studio with a knack for curating picture-perfect pillow arrangements. (Looking for inspiration? Check out their fresh & fabulous ​Instagram feed​.) Later, Gathered will reveal their favorite Wendy Jane throw cushions, and share some professional styling tips. Let’s get started! We’ll … read more

June 7, 2018

It’s Island Time: Gabby’s Best Kitchen Island Lighting

It appears that almost every new home or kitchen remodel these days has that one item your kitchen can’t live without – an island. While these must-have additions provide a great space to prep food and double as a spot to eat or serve as an extra buffet table when entertaining, they are the most perplexing when it comes to lighting. Slim yet stylish in nature, the ubiquitous pendant can do it all – provide illumination for kitchen tasks, accent a certain area or when put on a dimmer, set the mood for dining. When … read more