New Home Furnishings

Gabby’s 2016 Spring High Point Market Wrapup

Gabby's 2016 Spring High Point Market Wrapup

This Spring High Point Market has been a wonderful and rewarding time to see old friends, meet new people and learn from the top interior design thought leaders. Located at IHFC W-168, the Gabby private entrance on Wrenn Street continues to be a great landmark for clients to be able to find us, as well as a convenient drop off point. But most importantly, it allows us to stay open a little bit late to shop, party and have a cocktail. We’re a little smaller, so we work harder for you. Here’s the intel we gathered while putting in late nights: Many manufacturers introduced … read more

Gabby explores the use of unique materials in transitional and antique style furniture design

Gabby continues to explore the use of unique materials in transitional and antique style furniture design: Gabby’s products are appealing not just because our products are trend setting and narrative, but because we’re made of good stock. Inside and out, our material selections are unique, which stems from our core philosophy, a commitment to innovation. A new Chapter from Gabby, her 6th, is one of Sophistication: meaning highly developed, elaborate and produced with a  high degree of skill and knowledge, having worldly knowledge of refinement. Gabby has created a new antique style furniture aesthetic from … read more

Gabby’s 2013 New Home Furniture

Gabby's 2013 New Home Furniture

Chapter 6: Sophisticated Sophisticated is the title chosen as the name of Gabby’s 6th catalog chapter, and it  describes our new home furnishings perfectly. At the 2012 Fall High Point Market, Gabby introduced dozens of new home furnishings. The new products feature unique finishes, inspiring details, captivating combinations of materials, and transitional styling.   The photo above shows the diversity of styling, finishes, and function with in the line. In January, Gabby’s new catalog will be available, and until then visit our website for a closer look at each new home furnishing.   Metals highlighted … read more