Designer Profile: Mia Belotti and Maison Warehouse

Designer Profile: Mia Belotti and Maison Warehouse

Mia Belotti, the designer behind Maison Warehouse, an interior and exterior design store and licensed Summer Classics and Gabby dealer in Sterling, Virginia, shares info about how she got her start, what the shop offers, design tips and current trends. Q. How did you get your start? Mia: My family opened Maison Warehouse as Maison et Jardin, Ltd. in 1998. My mom and dad originally started the store to help furnish and complete my dad’s amazing landscape designs. We used to travel to my dad’s home country of France to bring back antiques and accessories to … read more

Gabby’s 2016 Spring High Point Market Wrapup

Gabby's 2016 Spring High Point Market Wrapup

This Spring High Point Market has been a wonderful and rewarding time to see old friends, meet new people and learn from the top interior design thought leaders. Located at IHFC W-168, the Gabby private entrance on Wrenn Street continues to be a great landmark for clients to be able to find us, as well as a convenient drop off point. But most importantly, it allows us to stay open a little bit late to shop, party and have a cocktail. We’re a little smaller, so we work harder for you. Here’s the intel we gathered while putting in late nights: Many manufacturers introduced … read more