7 Decorating Trends Designers Say Are Out for ’17

Let’s face it. Overstaying your welcome can be a big faux pas. And that holds true for decorating trends too. And we know designers couldn’t agree more that sometimes decorating trends have hung around just a little too long and it’s time for them to fade away. As we begin 2017 and have just finished the first markets of the year, we talked to a few designers to see what design trends they hope don’t make it far into the year.


Chevron Printed Fabrics

“We are sick of chevron printed fabrics of any kind!” say Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy Living in Atlanta, Georgia. “We don’t ever want to see this decorating trend again!” In the past few years, you’ve see chevron on just about everything from pillows to bath mats––even on gift wrap.

Accent Walls

“I would like to see accent walls go away in 2017,” says Lindsey Coral Harper of Lindsey Coral Harper Interiors in New York. “I much prefer wallpapering a whole room.”


“I’m tired of complete neutral walls with a complete neutral palate,” says Gabby Creative Director Chris Hutchens. “Instead of having everything so matchy-matchy, I like to mix it up. I like to see more patterns and layering with different textures and fabrics.”


photo courtesy Fiorella Design

Doorless Showers

“There’s one trend that I won’t be sad to see go––doorless showers,” says Lori Paranjape of Mrs. Paranjape Design & Interiors in Nashville, Tennessee. “I love the look of an expansive shower with no enclosure, but in reality, the steam from a shower keeps you warm!  And let’s not forget that there is some cleaning that takes place inside a shower, and you just may prefer to have some privacy.”

Doorless Cabinets

“I’d love to see the trend of floating/open shelving in kitchens go away,” says Shay Geyer, owner/designer IBB Design.  “They certainly look pretty in those well styled photos on Houzz and Pinterest but they lack practicality.  You usually get less usable storage space with them and unless you are major OCD, they will never look like those pretty pictures you’re dreaming of.” Shay says that it’s no fun for someone to walk in & see all of your clutter.  “However, we are seeing a big trend in the Dallas area with a two kitchen concept ~ One for entertaining/eating  and a scullery or butlery that’s your true working kitchen space,” she says.  She’d be on board with it if your main kitchen was for entertaining and more of a showpiece for your open floorplan concept.  Then, you can hide all of your clutter and kitchenware in your butlery.     

Too Much Trend!

“Trends can always be a slippery slope as the word, itself, indicates an expiration date. So, why even do it?” says Brynn Olson, Design Principal of Brynn Olson Design Group, LLC. “Because it’s fun, so indulge in small doses! What I’d love to see go away is anything trendy in BIG doses (except showhomes where current trends are celebrated for a limited time). Your bank account will thank you too!”


“2017 is the year to go out with rules,” says Summer Classics Home Merchandising Manager Lindsay McMullen. “There are none anymore. And if you think there is one, be daring and bold and break it.”

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