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Welcome to Gabby, a family company that creates unique, transitional furniture and transitional lighting in eclectic, vintage modern, and antique style for the design and retail trade. Gabby’s truly exceptional furnishings tell a story of inspiration and craftsmanship.  We  continually innovate with unique materials to create something new including accent furniture, dining and occasional tables, chairs, mirrors, lighting fixtures and US-made custom upholstery. Our products are based off of unique ideas or concepts generated by our talented design staff. Take a tour of the Gabby High Point Showroom.

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April 27, 2015

Traditional, Vintage, or Modern: What’s Best for You?

Source: Gabby

There’s just no end to great options for furnishings these days! And to avoid having a mismatched design scheme that lacks cohesiveness, you’ll need to decide the style that best suits you. So, whether you’re thinking you might like a sturdy and traditional, whimsically vintage, or sleek and modern sofa, we’ve characterized each of these three styles below to help you make a more informed choice. Traditional Timelessness — that’s what we think of when we consider traditional style. Are you a fan of straightforward palettes and sturdy materials? Do you like a calm, well-organized, and … read more

April 24, 2015

Bahamas: The New Florida

Source: Wikimedia

What’s sandy and blue, beautiful, and right next door? You guessed it — the Bahamas! With the closest point located only 70 miles away from the United States, it’s a delightful and convenient destination. And while travelers have flocked to Nassau and Freeport for years, the majority of the archipelago of more than 700 islands has remained unknown to the likes of luxury travelers. Those days are quickly ending, though, with the Bahamas offering all the natural beauty and innocence you could desire while vacationing. Associated with clear waters and an unforgettable island paradise, each … read more

April 23, 2015

4 Tips for Choosing a Great Coffee Table

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A coffee table has an important job — it needs to hold cups of coffee, magazines, food, and games on game night. Sometimes you might want to rest your feet on it, sometimes it serves as a coloring station, and other times it suffices as a work area. And just as a bride is undone without her something old and something new, a living room without the presence of a stunning coffee table or contemporary living room table leaves much to be desired. There are several conditions you ought to keep in mind when picking out a coffee table. … read more