Transitional, Eclectic, and Antique Style Furniture and Lighting

Welcome to Gabby, a family company that creates unique, transitional furniture and transitional lighting in eclectic, vintage modern, and antique style for the design and retail trade. Gabby’s truly exceptional furnishings tell a story of inspiration and craftsmanship.  We  continually innovate with unique materials to create something new including accent furniture, dining and occasional tables, chairs, mirrors, lighting fixtures and US-made custom upholstery. Our products are based off of unique ideas or concepts generated by our talented design staff. We ship from distribution centers in Pelham, AL and Los Angeles, CA. Take a tour of the Gabby High Point Showroom.

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June 22, 2016

Gabby Designers Use Thematic Shapes In New Eclectic Lighting

Circular lighting

  Unique Silhouettes When we hear the word “chandelier,” several iconic images comes to mind. For most, it’s empire style. It has multiple arms, perhaps in many tiers, alluding to a pre-electrified era when many bulbs or candles were necessary to illuminate a room. And while these large and decorative chandeliers are reminiscent of lighting design’s early days, and pay homage to it, the top surveyed designers and retailers who buy Gabby lighting agree that the unique silhouettes or distinctive design are most important. Gabby’s customers turn to us for new and innovative lighting, and our designers aim to delight. Whether borrowing elements … read more

June 9, 2016

The Quatrefoil: Timeless Design (and GOOD LUCK!)

sequence of windows

The quatrefoil has stood the test of time. This beloved shape has long stood for good luck. At Gabby, we like it for it’s simple geometric shape and transitional styling. We find it so appealing that it’s part of our logo (formed by 4 Gs). Timeless and transitional, this symbol makes a big impact in today’s designs—just as it has for centuries.   Symbolism: What Does The Quatrefoil Symbol Mean? As we mentioned, the quatrefoil is the ancient symbol for good luck. The word is derived from Latin roots and means four leaves.  (Think four-leaf clover!) Quattuour means four, and … read more

May 25, 2016

Spotlight On AmericasMart Designer Workspace


Are you one of those designers who sometimes conducts business out of the back of your SUV? You know who you are! You’ve got wallpaper samples and bolts of fabric coming out of every car window! Or maybe, just maybe, you’re lucky enough to have a small office just large enough for your computers and a few samples. Many interior designers know the plight of too much stuff and not enough room. Thanks to AmericasMart Designer Workspace, designers no longer have to conduct business out of their back seat. Opened in October 2014, the Designer Workspace was created … read more