Transitional, Eclectic, and Antique Style Furniture and Lighting

Welcome to Gabby, a family company that creates unique, transitional furniture and lighting in eclectic, vintage modern, and antique style for the design and retail trade. Gabby’s truly exceptional furnishings tell a story of inspiration and craftsmanship.  We  continually innovate with unique materials to create something new including dining and occasional tables, chairs, mirrors, lighting and US-made custom upholstery. Our products are based off of unique ideas or concepts generated by our talented design staff. Take a tour of the Gabby High Point Showroom.

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September 29, 2014

Elements of a Transitional Dining Room

While some interior designs are strictly traditional or thoroughly modern, most contemporary homes contain a blend of each. A transitional dining room may feature your grandmother’s antique china hutch, as well as a uniquely modern display cabinet. Ultimately, a dining room with transitional furniture contains the best of both worlds. A dining room should be both visually pleasing and wholly functional. For this to occur, you need to consider its dimensions, proportions and the relationships that exist between people and their surroundings: Furniture should fit with enough space around tables, chairs and perimeter furnishings for you and … read more

September 26, 2014

Unique Materials featuring Distressed Finishes

The finish on a piece of furniture can have just as significant an impact on interior design as the structural framework and silhouette. It’s the finish that will determine how a piece will blend or contrast with other colors and textures throughout a space. The right finish can create a unique layered look that fully expresses one’s individual aesthetic. This is one of the reasons why antique and vintage pieces are highly-regarded in the design world. Distressed finishes add interesting textures, while exuding character and personality. Even more so, they add meaning and emotion to designs as they commemorate the passing of time. Whether they’re natural or treated, distressed … read more

September 24, 2014

Happy Accidents: Recycled Wood Pieces by Gabby

Our designers love to work with recycled and reclaimed materials. We value the sense of grace and character they add to our work, and we appreciate the way each piece maintains a unique and one-of-a-kind appeal. In particular, recycled wood is popular among consumers due to its exquisite quality, environmentally friendly nature and historical origin. Today, certain types of wood are scarce and can only be found as reclaimed wood. Additionally, reclaimed wood is a fantastic green building material with a high level of durability and strength. Taking something used and transforming it into something beautiful is one of our … read more